The Company

Ilusion products are manufactured and sold by the Grupo Gomà-Camps, a family business boasting more than 250 years’ history dedicated to the production, processing and sale of tissue paper products and other solutions and accessories. The Group’s central offices are located in La Riba, Tarragona.

We enhance the market for table decoration and table dressing with the latest trends for both professional environments and the home. In 2016, our range of products expanded to include the Ilusion range of serviettes and accessories, which is manufactured using the most advanced technology and finishes to ensure the highest-level quality in every product.

Our company vision is to anticipate the needs of a changing market, offering solutions that respect the environment and can be appreciated and valued by our customers. That’s why we have improved our production processes with continual investment to optimize our consumption of resources, reduce our environmental impact and promote recycling. An example of the improvements achieved in recent years is the reduction by more than 10% in our water and electricity consumption and a reduction by more than 20% of our CO2 emissions per tonne of paper. We have also been awarded the Renewable Energy Certificate because the energy we use comes from renewable sources and more than 50% of our tissue paper production comes from recycled paper.


Fábrica de Papel Goma-Camps La Riba

Innovation, future vision and efforts towards continual improvement of our resources and services drive our commercial and productive expansion at the international level. At Gomà-Camps we are keen to do things differently to achieve results that make us stand out from the competition and ensure the sustainability of our business over the medium and long term. Innovation is very important to us, and we understand it to mean an ongoing search for new solutions that will allow us to develop products, differentiated services and internal processes that meet the demands of our customers.

Respect and responsibility, excellent relations, innovation and competitiveness make Gomà-Camps a leading family company with a significant international presence through the companies that make up the group: Gomà-Camps SAU, Gomà-Camps France, Gomà-Camps Portugal, Gomà-Camps Consumer and Gomà-Camps Morocco.

Our solid business growth is based on our technological competence, environmental sustainability, internationalization, the people that make up our group, innovation, and the Gomà-Camps family.